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Since it’s founding, Route 1337 LLC has been a company focused on open source code and knowledge for the DevOps community. So what’s this about studio production, and YouTube channel? Allow us to explain.

What Route 1337 LLC has done so far

Since we started, we’ve been operating as a company that works entirely on donations. We’ve produced some Ansible roles, Terraform modules, and other open source code that has been used by the DevOps community. Some of our stuff has a pretty decent amount of downloads according to the numbers we see in Ansible Galaxy.

Unfortunately donations have not really flown through as we had hoped.

So pivoting?

Don’t worry. We dog food all of our own code, so it will be kept up to date for the foreseeable future. It will always be open source, and we plan to continue creating more DevOps resources as we have always done.
Any consulting services we have offered to select clients we have had the time to take on will also continue receiving service at the same rates.

What is this studio production stuff then?

We have launched a new service offering called Studio As A Service (Yet another “as a Service” we know.) Route 1337 LLC will provide the recording gear, editing equipment, and software required to produce quality content for clients of “StaaS”.
We’re starting off with one client for now as that is all we have the bandwidth for. We have partnered with some folks to run a Let’s Play YouTube channel.

Let’s Play, really?

Yes really! The people running the channel, will have complete editorial control over content, and while Let’s Play gaming has been done a lot, we believe that this can prove as a testing ground for future channels if it goes well. After all, video games are currently a larger industry than movies and sports combined!1

So what’s this channel then?

The initial customer is a gaming channel called Snack Break Club.
As of the initial publication of this article it should have 20 videos published. Content production is a very new service, and Snack Break Club is kindly being patient with us figuring it out as we go in exchange for control of licensing and profit management down the road.

The future of this endeavor

Route 1337 LLC will always be a DevOps and IT company at its core. These content production and studio services may eventually spin off in to an independent organization, but only time will tell as our sole StaaS client works to grow a following.