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Route 1337 LLC

Modern InfoSec, Zero Trust, and DevOps consulting for Web2 and Web3 clients.

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Route 1337 LLC

Welcome to Route 1337 LLC. We provide affordable, and scalable solutions for clients that require DevOps and InfoSec contract work with a tight budget. We specialize in Zero Trust architecture, and take a “security first” mindset to everything we do without sacrificing usability for the end user. We’re a forward-thinking company that’s deeply involved in Web3 and the permissionless future it will bring.

A few of our favorite tools and platforms:

When engaged in projects for our clients, we find the following tools and platforms to be some of the more commonly asked for resources. We’re well versed in all of them.

  1. Cloudflare - Zero Trust
  2. Amazon Web Services
  3. Ethereum Blockchain1
  4. Okta/JumpCloud
  5. Python3
  6. Kubernetes
  7. Additionally, we work with most of the modern DevOps/InfoSec tooling currently used in the hottest markets!

Locking down your stuff!

Are you worried about SIM swap attacks or just regular account security?
Do you think your security posture could be better?
We can help! We offer affordable One-on-One support2 to help you secure your digital life!

Cryptonatives work here.

If you’re part of the Web3 revolution but still need help navigating the nuts and bolts of the Web2 cloud, we can help you!
Our staff are all cryptonatives, our company can take payment in cryptocurrency, and we believe in the core philosophies and the promising future that blockchain technology represents!

White-label our services:

Are you an MSP that’s missing an InfoSec offering? We can help!
We offer custom agreements where you can white-label our services as your own. We’ll bring our expertise to your brand without breaking your budget!

We also do media production!

Currently for a limited amount of clients we are producing and editing video and podcast content. We hope to expand this offering in the future as several of our clients are in the media space.

  1. Currently we partner with Alcibiades Capital to offer these services. 

  2. Subject to scheduling availability. This will be several hours over the course of a week.